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Belladot is a new and innovative brand in intimate self care. We want to promote wellbeing in the Nordic countries and become the number one choice for intimate products. Our products are developed in collaboration with a sexologist because we want to be sure that our products are the best in every respect.


Belladot makes concerted efforts towards achieving long-term sustainable development. Our efforts to minimize our impact on the environment include the segregation of waste materials, efficient distribution and reuse of packaging in many areas.

We carry out regular visits to our suppliers around the world to ensure compliance with environmental and safety standards and that child labour is not being used in the manufacture of our products.

Environmental work

Our environmental guidelines are:

  • We work towards the improvement of knowledge and awareness of environmental issues in our company by regularly discussing and considering the environmental aspects of our activities.
  • We influence, place demands on and work collaboratively with other companies, authorities and organisations. We are members of Elkretsen and REPA.
  • We have an ongoing dialogue with our customers and suppliers about environmental aspects, approaches and standards.
  • We make continuous efforts to minimize any negative environmental impacts from our transport and travel activities by choosing the most efficient and appropriate modes of transport.
  • We drive eco-friendly cars and always use the most environmentally-friendly fuel.
  • We segregate our waste according to the local authority’s waste programme recommendations.

Return policy

Belladot’s sex toys and sex aids are for adults only. All sex toys and aids marketed by Scandinavian Trading House AB come with a one-year guarantee. It goes without saying that our products comply with the Swedish legislation in force with regard to product safety, Consumer Rights Act, etc. If you find a fault with any of our products that is due to a manufacturing or material defect and you contact us within the guarantee period, we will replace the product without charge.

The guarantee covers the parts that affect the product’s performance. It does not cover changes in the appearance of the product that are attributable to normal aging or damage caused by misuse or improper care. Any attempt to open or dismantle products or accessories will void the guarantee.

Customers who wish to return a product are required to verify that the product was purchased within the guarantee period. It is important to keep your receipt as proof of date of purchase. Return the faulty product to us. For more information about our guarantee and how you return a product, or if you have other questions, please contact us at


Product safety

Our toys are made of the best materials possible to combine features and affordability.
This may involve:

  • Silicone
  • TPE – A rubbery plastic, slightly softer than silicone. TPE’s are used in all catheters.
  • ABS – A harmless plastic also used for manufacturing disposable cutlery


Our liquid products are made with the best ingredients avaliable. We simply want to offer you the best in quality products. Most of them are made with all natural ingredients. We only use synthetic ingredients when it’s absolutely necessary.

All liquid products are manufactured in Sweden in accordance to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and in accordance to standards: ISO 22718:2007.
The plant has also been authorized to manufacture medical products class 1. This includes our lubrifications.


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