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Retailers in Bengtsfors

  • Din lokala hälsokost, Bengtsfors

    Phone: +46 (0)531-122 18

    For business hours and more info, click Here

    We have two stores, situated in Bengtsfors and Åmål in the beautiful region of Dalsland.
    Our basic product range concists of Material for sewing, curtains and curtain rods and other textile products for your home.
    As we are environmentally concious, we sell ecological underwear, washin detergent and textile.

    The Bengtsfors store also has a department for healthcare products run by our well trained staff.

    Instead of throwing away a piece of clothes that needs changing or has a broken zipper, think environmentally and repair instead. Why not let our tailor fix it or even make new clothes for you.

    Our aim is to never stop progressing. If there is something you miss, talk to us and we will try to find it for you.


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