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Retailers in Leksand

  • Leksands Hälsokost

    Phone: +46 (0)247-129 70

    Leksand Healthy was established more than 30 years ago. When I took over the shop in 2010, we moved to the current location which made ​​it possible to expand and give customers a greater range of health products.
    My name is Karin Lokgård and I have a great interest in fitness and health.
    I am a qualified Health Advisors and Skincare Therapist. I have also worked with treatments and makeup for many years.
    My goal with the store is to provide customers with inspiration for good health and give advice. I even have a Care Centre, where I perform skin care treatments and massages.
    I also have a partnership with Nuet blomsterterapi as well as a few companies in the health and wellness. Life N’joy, a gym in Leksand is one of them

    We can offer customers various wellness-promoting lectures, therapies, counseling etc.


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