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Retailers in Lidköping

  • Kronans Apotek Lidköping

    Kronan Droghandel Pharmacy AB is Sweden’s third largest drugstore chain with more than 300 pharmacies from Trelleborg in the south to Malmberget in the north.
    we welcome you to one of our pharmacies, where you can pick up your recipes and find products for your health and wellness.
    Our goal is to always give you the customer the best possible service.

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  • Vårdapoteket, Sjukhuset

    For more information and business hours, please click here

    Vårdapoteket – Close to care. close to you.

    Vårdapoteket operates in an innovative way to conduct pharmacy operations optimized for the needs of products and services needed in care-related situations. The business consists of pharmacies located at the university-, provincial-, and district hospitals in southern and central Sweden.

  • Life

    Phone: +46 (0)510-201 44

    For business hours and info, click Here

    Life is the leading marketplace for healthcare products and services in the nordic countries.

    At Life, we help you as a client to stay healthy by finding a better balance between nutrition, exercise and rest.

    Welcome to Life! Our mission is to prepare you for the eceryday trials. We help you eat for life and exercise for life. We also help you in the difficult art of rest for life. We help you become what you were meant: Naturallt healthy, strong and harmonious.

    We believe that life will be better, richer and maybe even longer if you aim at staying naturally healthy instead of using “panic” methods when you get sick.



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