Evelina menstrual cup

Evelina menstrual cup

Belladot Evelina for internal menstrual care is both environmentally friendly and economical compared with other products because the same cup is used time and time again. It’s also a great alternative to tampons if you have problems with dryness and sensitivity because it doesn’t disrupt the vaginal pH balance.

You can wear Belladot Evelina with complete confidence when sleeping, working out, swimming or travelling. The cup has the capacity to hold more fluid than a tampon, and so reduces trips to the toilet, giving you a greater sense of freedom.

Belladot Evelina is made from body safe silicone and is soft and easy to use.

At the end of the cup is a stem for easy removal of the cup. If the stem is too long for comfort, you can simply cut it to size. Evelina is easy to clean/disinfect. Simply boil the menstrual cup in ordinary water for 5 –7 minutes or use Belladot Cleansing gel before initial insertion in every menstrual period.

Tips: It may take a few tries to be confident about insertion. We therefore recommend using a panty liner for peace of mind until you have practice in positioning your menstrual cup correctly.
• Recyclable material
• Available in two sizes

Size guide
S/M for light to medium amounts of fluid
M/L for medium to rich amounts of fluid

We also have a sizewarranty which means that you can get a new menstrual cup free of charge in a different size if the one you got would not fit. You can contact us at Belladot about this regardless of where you purchased the menstrual cup. This is required to get a new cup:

  • You have tried the menstrual cup for 3 periods
  • Receipt on purchase
  • You have tried our tips and guides from our customer support during the trial period


When not in use, store Belladot Evelina in the bag supplied with your product.

How to use Evelina menstrual cup