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About us
is owned by Bonnevier Health Care AB (556768-7461) that has been active in e-commerce since 2003. The concept is constantly evolving, and the goal is to offer a wide range of dildos, and accessories (such as condoms and lubricants) to suit all budgets, sizes and fantasies.

Why Dildokungen?
Let us go out on a limb and state that we know e-commerce and the products we choose to work with. Through our online stores, we have thousands of satisfied customers to show that you can rely in us as your choice of provider. We have our own warehouse and logistics under one roof in Vällingbyvägen, Stockholm.

We spend a lot of time listening to our customers wishes when it comes to products as well as promotion and other activities. focuses mostly on dildos (and closely related product categories). We do NOT sell movies since we regarde them more as pure porn rather than products of health-care or well-beeing which is our priority.

You can be sure that no obscene pictures will sho up on the screen when you peeking around in our store.


Gör som 1,536 andra, prenumerera på vår blogg! Du får med jämna mellanrum tips inom sexologi, produkter och utbildning.

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