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During the spring of 1992, the Karlsson family moved back to the city of Skara and that’s where it starts…

In August I found an avaliable facility where I started to sell used CD’s and video games in the evening after work. At that time the company was called “Second hand video & video games”. Since we are located in a small town and because the entrance to the store was located at a loading bay, the term “let’s go to the loading bay” was used. That’s why we are called Lastbryggan (Loading bay).
After about a year we sold more online than in the physical store.

The shop is owned and operated by Lastbryggan AB, registration number 556654-1958. Since 2008, Lastbryggan is a registred trademark with the swedish Patent and Registration office.

See you at the loading dock! // Mats


Gör som 1,531 andra, prenumerera på vår blogg! Du får med jämna mellanrum tips inom sexologi, produkter och utbildning.

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