Anna switched to Evelina menstrual cup: “I’m very pleased!”

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Anna, 28, had been thinking of changing tampons for a long time against something that feels better for both the environment and the body. After careful consideration, the election fell on Evelina’s menstrual cup.

– I’m very happy with the Evelina menstrual cup! There was no problem getting it in place, not even the first time, says Anna. I read the instructions carefully before and got tips from a friend about how to fold and put it in the right way.


When everyone is different, some training may be needed to get the menstrual cup in and out of place. Anna thought it was a little tricky to get the menstrual cup out the first time, but quickly learned the technique.

– In the beginning it was a little bit tricky to get it out, but with a steady grip and a little wiggling it goes very easily.

Freedom with Evelina menstrual cup

For Anna, it was nice to not have to use tampons and pads.

– It’s simpler, fresher and smoother with menstrual cup than for example tampons. I do not have to change as often or fear that it will leak. So nice to not hassle with pads at night. What freedom!

Dangerous substances in intimate hygiene products will be examined

The Swedish Chemicals Agency has been commissioned by the government to conduct a large survey of dangerous substances in, for example, intimate hygiene products such as tampons, pads and menstrual cups. No authority has previously reviewed how the various intimate hygiene products sold in store affect the body.

With Evelina menstrual cup, Anna and everyone else can feel safe. It is made of 100% safe silicone and is completely free of BPA, bleach, phthalates, glue and latex.