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G-spot and P-spot

G-spot and P-spot – satisfaction guaranteed…?

Both men and women have special “spots” – internal erogenous zones that, if properly stimulated, can provide both a more enjoyable sexual experience and stronger orgasms. The G-spot and the P-spot. They can be hard to find, but with the right tools you can reach new heights.

The G-spot is an erogenous zone in women which, when stimulated, can lead to orgasm. The name comes from Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynaecologist who described the zone in an article in 1950.

There are vibrators that are specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot. Belladot Bodil is a bendy G-spot vibrator with an angled head and a vibrator in the top. Since the G-spot needs firm pressure and massage to stimulate it, it might be nice to give your fingers a rest and let a vibrator do the job.


Where is the G-spot?

The G-spot is located between the urethra and the vaginal wall, and is not inside the vagina. You can feel it through the vaginal wall, a few centimetres inward and upward, in the front/upper part of the vagina. The area is full of nerve fibres and erectile tissue, which you can access by pressing or massaging heavily upwards. It is not always straight up, but can also be along the sides.

At the site of the G-spot, the vaginal wall may be a bit rough on the surface. When you’re sexually excited this area swells, making it easier to find the small bump. In size the area is similar to a peach stone.
The G-spot is easiest to reach if you’re squatting with your right knee resting on the floor. Insert a finger diagonally upwards with your palm facing upwards, using a pressing, massaging motion to search along the vaginal wall. If you feel like you need to pee, this is a sign that you have found it. If you can’t find it, insert your finger so far in that you feel your uterus, and move your finger a millimetre at a time backwards/outwards towards the vaginal opening.

Experiences differ

Some women don’t feel very much when the G-spot is stimulated. Others not only have an orgasm, but may experience squirting or gushing, also known as female ejaculation. Squirting orgasms is when the urethra ejaculates a fluid during orgasm. This fluid is not urine, but is formed in glands in the tissue around the urethra. The amount of fluid varies from a 10 to several hundred millilitres.

Some women do not ejaculate at all and some squirt like a fountain when they orgasm during G-spot stimulation. In some women, the fluid seeps out a bit during the whole arousal phase. Many women may feel embarrassed if they do not know about female ejaculation, and may think they have peed themselves. This leads them to hold back their orgasm for fear of what their partner will think.


The A-spot was discovered in 1993 by Dr Chua Chee Ann from Malaysia. The A-spot is also called the A-Zone or AFE-Zone (short for Anterior Fornix Erogenous).

Stimulation of the A-spot can increase lubrication (moisture) of the vagina and bring on multiple orgasms. A light massaging of the vaginal wall is needed, unlike stimulation of the G-spot.

Zone is actually a better term than spot, because a smaller number of nerves are located on a larger area further into the vagina, between the G-spot and the uterus.

Sexual positions that make it easier to reach far into the vagina are where the woman sits on top of the man, or penetration from behind.

The man’s G-spot is called P-spot

The P-spot is the man’s equivalent to the G-spot, and P stands for prostate. When the area is massaged it offers a different sense of pleasure than when stimulating the penis.

The P-spot can be found in the anus about 5–7 centimetres in the front rectal wall towards the stomach. In size, is much like a grape or walnut.

The spot can be stimulated with fingers, tongue, a dildo or penis. Short-cut nails, good hygiene (a condom or disposable plastic gloves) and good lubrication are all absolutely essential. When using a condom, it is important to use a water or silicone-based lubricant. If you use oil or skin cream instead, the condom may become less durable. Belladot Original is a silicone-based lubricant that protects the sensitive mucous membranes of the anus.

Different men experience stimulation of the P-spot differently. For some men there is no additional pleasure experience. Some men do not like stimulation in the anus at all. The P-spot is also accessible from the outside through the perineum, the area between the anus and the underside of the scrotum. A light pressure applied there can feel very nice.


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